Drainage problems can wreak havoc on your Alpharetta home. When excess water doesn’t properly drain away, heavy rain can destroy your plants and lawn, wash out retaining walls, ruin your driveway, and leave standing pools of water that harbor pests and disease.

You may struggle with drainage issues for reasons such as:

  • Living in an area with a high water table
  • Having dense, clay-rich soil
  • Neighbor’s landscaping is causing excess water to collect in your yard
  • Your home’s foundation was improperly graded which causes water to run towards your basement

No matter what may be causing too much water to stick around your yard, installing efficient drainage can help dry things out.

Here are a few landscaping drainage solutions to consider.

Install Water-Loving Plants

Water-loving trees and plants will last longer than ones that easily drown and they’ll help absorb some of the excess moisture. A willow tree is a good example of a water-loving plant that can withstand copious amounts of rain.

Put a Swale in Your Yard

A grassy swale is a subtle incline of sod-covered soil. This slight incline can be built up in a key location to help redirect water towards a drainage ditch.

Classic French Drain

This gravel-covered pipe has a filter that keeps debris from clogging up smooth water drainage. A French drain directs water runoff away from your landscaping and property.

Landscaping Advice and Services in Dunwoody

Nature’s Management Group has years of experience in making homes all over the metro area stay dry and beautiful by installing environmentally-friendly drainage systems.

Is excess water overwhelming your home and ruining your landscaping? Call us today to discover the perfect drainage solution.