Nothing makes your home stand out like a beautiful lawn and landscaping.

But making sure the grass is greener on your side can be tricky. Here are a few tips for a healthier lawn in The Manor.

1. Use a Proper Mowing Technique

Mowing boosts the health of your lawn, if you do it properly. Mow your grass in alternating directions each time you cut it. This helps the grass grow straight and tall, keeping it dense enough to block out weed growth. Avoid mowing grass shorter than three inches, since this will also help prevent weeds.

2. Water Adequately

Water deeply and occasionally. Schedule lawn watering sessions to early in the morning or in the early evening. It’s tempting to water in the heat of day when the sun seems to be drying out your lawn, but that’s when the majority of the water would be evaporated, so do this task at cooler hours to give your lawn time to soak it up.

3. Fertilize

The perfect lawn needs fertilization up to four times per season. Contact an Alpharetta landscaping team like Nature’s Management Group to find out which kind of fertilizer and how much is right for your specific lawn. It’s often best to fertilize in the cooler weather to encourage strong root growth.

4. Weed with Caution

By mowing and watering properly, you can naturally discourage weeds from taking root. Chemical weed treaters should be a last-resort. Remove weeds by hand with tools like hoes, etc. to be sure you get all the roots out. If your weed problem starts getting out of control, contact a professional landscaping service.

For more tips on getting a gorgeous and lush lawn, contact Nature’s Management Group.

Posted on behalf of Nature’s Management Group