When it comes to figuring out how much sod you’ll need, you can always count on Nature’s Management Group to help out with the calculations.

But we understand that you may want to get a head start for budgeting purposes, so here are few tips to help you…

Measuring Land for Sod

It comes down to basic geometry: finding the surface area of shapes.

Get out a measuring tape, notebook, pencil, and a calculator to begin.

First, determine the shape of the area(s) you want fresh sod for. Different shapes require different formulas.

Square or Rectangle

These shapes are the easiest. All you need are two measurements: the length and the width. Multiply them together and you have your surface area.

L x W = surface area in square feet

90° Triangle

Because a 90° triangle has a right angle like a square and rectangle do, you measure it similarly. Record the length and width of the two sides that intersect each other at a right angle. Multiply together, and then divide by two.

L x W /2 = surface area in square feet


Measure a circular area from its center point to the edge. That’s the radius. Multiply it by itself, and then multiply that by 3.14 (pi). There’s the surface area. You do the same for a half circle, just divide it by two.

(Radius x radius) x 3.14 = surface area

Still not sure of your numbers or measurements?

No worries! We’ll come right down to get you an accurate estimate. We’ll also help you decide on just the right kind of sod for your property. Call Nature’s Management Group in Alpharetta today.

Posted on behalf of Nature’s Management Group