Some people baby their plants more than others do their pets. If you equate one houseplant to a parakeet, then a vast lawn might well be a pasture of horses.

How do you take care of such a large responsibility? Keeping your lawn healthy, clean, and lush requires a balance in watering habits. Getting that right is the key to maintaining the beautiful surroundings your home deserves.

Lawn Watering Basics

Remember this rule of thumb: one inch per week.

Most types of grass do well with an average of one inch of water in a single week. If you water daily, your grass will probably become too saturated.

Aim for just one or maybe two waterings per week, if there is no rain. A weekly watering session might be as long as an hour to provide the needed one inch of water. Cut your watering time according to however much rainfall might have occurred.

Timing Matters

Watering your lawn in the middle of a hot summer day sounds like a good idea. It’s refreshing to the grass and if you’re doing it manually, it could be a nice way for you to cool off, too.

But try to water at times when it’s overcast. This will help keep most of the water from being evaporated by intense sunlight.

By Hose Or Sprinkler?

Manual watering tends to be inconvenient. It’s easy to water unevenly, cut corners, or forget altogether. But be wary of auto-sprinklers that work on a set timer. Those might water too indiscriminately, not taking into account soil and weather conditions.

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