Excess water in your lawn hinders sod and plant growth, fosters breeding grounds for bacteria and pests, and just plain looks bad. You don’t like having a soggy lawn, but you won’t know what to do about it until you can identify why you have so much water on your lawn.

Here are a few possible reasons to consider.

You’re Watering Too Much

Did a few hot summer days have you worried that your sod wasn’t getting enough water? Whatever the reason, you may have been watering your lawn too much. Sod needs a lot of water in the early stages, but it can easily become too saturated if you overdo the watering later on.

Compacted Soil

Dense soil quality or a poorly aerated lawn is more likely to trap water on the surface. A healthy lawn should let water soak in to drain away.

Poor Drainage

Your yard may need an updated irrigation and drainage system. If you don’t have one that properly directs water away from your home, then you’ll have a soggy lawn.

You Live in Alpharetta, Georgia

Georgia does have a lot of areas with a high water table. If your home falls in just such an area, you might quickly experience flooding and standing water after a downpour.

Do you need a new drainage system? Want to improve your soil quality? Need some help with a watering schedule? Ready to make some changes to your landscaping? Whatever your reason for a soggy lawn, Nature’s Management Group can help you figure it out and solve the problem. Contact our team today to learn more about eliminating standing water from your yard.

Posted on behalf of Nature’s Management Group