What is the point of mulch? you may wonder.

Mulching is a key step in gardening and landscaping. It’s especially important for new plantings. Here are six reasons why you need to work the cost of mulch into the budget for your next landscaping project.

Mulch is a great insulator.

Organic matter in mulch provide a thick blanket of insulation for plant roots. It helps sensitive plants to better resist changes in temperature. This is especially important if you have trees or perennial flowers in your garden which you want to survive the cooler temperatures of winter.

Mulch reduces the chance of soil compaction.

Compacted soil is hard for plants to take root in and absorb sufficient water. Mulch helps keep the environment breathable.

Mulch retains water.

Mulch is vital in times of drought. It prevents valuable water in the soil from being evaporated in hot weather, keeping plant roots below cool and hydrated.

Mulch protects against lawn mowers.

Having that thick layer of mulch will protect tree roots if a lawn trimming machine gets too close. The mulch also makes the no-cut-zones clearly visible to a lawn mower operator.

Mulch prevents weed growth. You may be most familiar with mulch as a way to stop little weeds from popping up around your plants. Not only are weeds a cosmetic issue in landscaping, but their roots can actually compete with your plants for water and nutrients in the soil.

Mulch looks good.

Hedging some fresh plantings in rich mulch is the perfect way to give your home or business a much-needed facelift!

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